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40,000 years in the future, Mankind struggles for its very existence against hostile alien races that threaten to destroy a human civilization that now spans the galaxy...

Enter the neo-gothic Warhammer 40,000tm universe of war without end:  a time when Man's greatest achievements are exceeded only by the depth of his folly.  As they cling to the legacy of their "God-Emperor," (whose vestigial existence-- and even that of doubtful vitality-- has been sequestered away, mute within the fabled "Golden Throne" for the last ten thousand years) the untold minions of the Imperium of Mankind have aspired to rule the galaxy with an iron fist.

Enter a time when independent thought can lead to summary execution, and where the slightest taint of infidelity can lead to the extermination of entire planets!  It is an age where rival alien races and human renegades driven mad by the cravings of the Powers of Chaos struggle to annihilate human civilization altogether.  Standing in their way are the stalwart defenders of the human race: the innumerable forces of the Imperium, pawns of the most cruel regime mankind has ever conceived. 

Enter an age of supreme contradiction, enter an era of death and destruction, enter, if you dare, the terror-stricken galaxy of the

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